The IFLRY Belarus Programme developed from the „Young Liberals for Belarus“ network that was founded to bring together various liberal youth organizations that are committed to supporting lliberalism and democracy in Belarus.

After a first consultation meeting in Berlin in April 2007, the network was established in Vilnius, August 2007, and met for a second time in Stockholm, December 2007. Later meetings were also held in Brussels, November 2008, and Kiev, December 2008.
After 2008 the network was institutionalized in the IFLRY Belarus Programme as one of several IFLRY projects to promote democracy and liberalism in countries with authoritarian regimes. The goals of Young Liberals for Belarus and the IFLRY Belarus Programme are to assist our liberal partners in Belarus in a comprehensive and effective manner and to raise awareness on the situation of democracy and human rights in Belarus among Europeans and around the world.

To achieve these goals the IFLRY Belarus Programme organizes trainings and seminars on topics such as capacity-building, campaigning or liberal ideology for youth activists in Belarus. Furthermore the Programme provides counceling and practical help for the partner organizations.

In terms of awareness raising the Programme runs different campaigns, the latest one beeing a video-campaign filmed at the IFLRY Executive Committee in Budapest, April 2012. Furthermore the Programme runs the website www.liberal-belarus.org and informs the member organizations of IFLRY and the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) at statutory events.

The Programme is run by a Programme Manager who can rely on several activists working in the Belarus Programme Team. The IFLRY Belarus Programme is also constantly cooperating with other implementers such as the Naumann-Foundation for Freedom (FNF), the Swedish International Liberal Center (SILC) or the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and is a regular guest at the Belarus Donors- and Implementers Meetings.

For questions on the IFLRY Belarus Programme, please contact us via belarus(@)iflry.org .