Dutch Embassy Funds for Belarus 2013

Dutch Embassy Funds for Belarus 2013

The  Dutch Embassy in Poland has two programme funds available for 2013 focused on the development of civil society in Belarus: the Small Embassy Projects Programme (Matra Fund) and the Human Rights Fund.

Please find below the description and the requirements of both programmes. Date of closure for the next selection round: 15 September 2013 is applicable for both programmes. The conditions for approving applications are set out further on. The Embassy is empowered to extend grants in principle to a maximum of Euro 25,000.

The Embassy takes great care to ensure that the grants are awarded where they are most needed, and that they are properly used. Applications therefore have to be submitted according to Matra Fund and Human Rights Fund requirements. Moreover, project activities and approach have to tie in clearly with Matra and Human Rights objectives.

In order to provide applicants with additional information, we have prepared a model for a project application, which is available to download HERE.

The Model Project Application should give an overview on what kind of information we are looking for in project proposals.

The applicants may inquire via e-mail (war-matra@minbuza.nl) or skype (Matra.Kap) about the results of the tender from November 1st, 2013.


I.        MATRA Fund

Matra objectives and examples of eligible activities

In order to be eligible for a Matra grant, projects must promote the process of transformation of Belarus into a pluralist, democratic country by helping to create a stronger, more diverse civil society. Matra is a demand-driven programme and therefore only supports target group initiatives.

Examples of eligible activities are:

initiatives to strengthen the rule of law directed at protection of human rights, minorities, the environment and promotion of public participation in local government affairs, etc.;

initiatives to strengthen non-governmental institutions’ ability to expand their support base;

initiatives to strengthen the role of the independent mass media; innovative educational and art initiatives contributing to the process of transformation into a pluralist, democratic society.

more information

II.        Human Rights Fund

The Netherlands feels responsible for promoting freedom in the world. The human rights policy of the Dutch government reflects that responsibility. The overall objective of the Human Rights Fund is to support initiatives that promote implementation of fundamental freedoms and protection of the rights of groups of people that are subject to discrimination.

In order to support strategic interventions in Human Rights promotion the call for project proposals in 2013 explicitly identifies the following priority areas:

  • Human Rights defenders
  • Freedom of speech and internet freedom, including freedom of the press
  • Minorities (women rights, LGBT )
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

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