EU positive to trade with Lukashenka

RIA Novosti reports that the Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos has been on a visit to Minsk, where he said that the geographical situation of Belarus gives Europe an incentive to work more closely with Belarus in the future and that it is time to fully restore all relations between EU and Belarus.

Lukashenka commented that half of Belarus’ trade turnover was with the EU, and that living in the 21st century looking at each other through a fence is not a suitable perspective.

Based on the latest discussion regarding whether or not to invite Belarus to Eastern Partnership events, and whether or not to lift the travel ban for Belarus officials permanently, we at Young Liberals For Belarus would like to pose a question:

What do you think is the best way for the international community and particularly the EU to give the Belarusian government the right incentives to open up for taking a more democratized direction? What kind of carrots and/or sticks should be used?

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