Jonge Democraten held Street Action in The Hague

Jonge Democraten held Street Action in The Hague

Sunday the 25th of March is the independence day of Belarus, as celebrated by the opposition. A week after the questionable deaths of the two alleged Minsk metro bombers, this was the day to go to the streets and protest for a democratic Belarus. In Minsk there was a big protest and in The Netherlands, we decided to give our support. We were appalled by the current situation in Belarus, which has gotten even tougher after last year’s elections. The JD, a liberal youth organisation, therefore organised a small protest in front of the Belarusian embassy in The Hague. There we clapped, for our Belarusian fellow Europeans who are in jail because they want simple things as free speech, right to demonstrate and the free right of organization. We applauded them, because they had the courage on the 25th of March to go into the streets and demonstrate. They did this even after last year’s violent police breakdown of protest. We also put our hands together because in Belarus you are not allowed to clap anymore in the streets.

In the photo below, you can see the banner in front of the embassy which says: “Do not let Belarusians receive the blows for freedom”.

Activists of Jonge Democraten protesting in Front of Belarusian Embassy
Jonge Democraten Street Action

After our protest we met some Belarusian human rights activist who posted some slogans on the windows of the embassy(photo 2). On the following website, pictures of the Belarusian protest can be found:

Protest Notes at the Front Door of Belarusian Embassy in The Hague
Belarusian Embassy The Hague


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