New Belarusian Leader’s Forum: Declaration and Appeal

The Belarusian organisation Third Way recently held a congress called New Belarusian Leader’s Forum: Renaissance Generation in Strasbourg, France and came to declare, among other things, the realisation of the importance of the Eastern Partnership and also the importance of Belarusian presence in the Partnership.

However, the declaration also stated clearly that Third Way and the congress urged other European countries to “stronlgy encourage” the implementation of certain steps toward increased human rights etc.

The participants of the congress also made two appeals the Belarusian authorities to 1) reconsider the nation’s current nuclear politics, and 2) to release the arbitrarily detained civil activists and entrepeneurs Mikalai Autuchovitch, Yury Lavonau and Uladzimer Asipenka.

For the declaration and appeals in their whole, along with videos and photos from the congress, please visit:

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