Seminar “Belarus and the European Union”

Seminar “Belarus and the European Union”

From June 3-5 the IFLRY Belarus and Ukraine Programme will host a seminar with the topic “Belarus and the European Union: Relationship
at a Crossroads” in Vilnius, Lithuania.

On October 30, 2015, it was announced that EU will suspend most of its sanctions against Belarus, following the freeing of the country’s political prisoners in August. This step was considered a rapprochement after a long period of frozen relations following the crackdown against political opposition and civil society in the wake of the presidential elections of 2010. Some experts also point out the Ukraine crisis as a game-changer, both opening possibilities for the regime to increase its international credibility while at the same time reducing the economical dependency on Russia.

But is the new “openess” of the regime really a proof of its readiness for change? Is the authoritarian president Lukashenka ready to allow political participation and free elections in exchange for better relations with the European Union? Or is it merely the usual flip-flop show he has used in political relations for more than 20 years? What about the European stance on the actual development? Where do European decision-makers see opportunities and problems in the relationship between Belarus and the European Union? Would they put economic relations and benefits over the postulation of democratic and liberal values?

IFLRY wants to look behind the curtain and discuss this topic with young activists from political parties and civil society organisations. For this the seminar will feature experts from Belarus and the European Union as well as speakers from liberal and democratic parties attending the ALDE Council Meeting. Furthermore we want to get to the bottom of the needs of young people and students concerning a deepening of Belarus-EU relations.

The call is open until the 4th of May 2016.

For any questions contact Belarus and Ukraine Programme Manager Daniel George ( You can apply for the event under the following link:

Please find all needed information in the following documents:

Invitation (.pdf)

Draft Program (.pdf)

Before applying please make sure to read and understand the conditions stated in the invitation document. This event is only open to applicants with residence in Belarus. Exceptions can only be made on prior agreement with the organizers.

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