Seminar “Peaceful Conflict Management”

Seminar “Peaceful Conflict Management”

We would hereby like to invite you to apply for the upcoming IFLRY event: “Peaceful Conflict Management for Young People” which will take place in Kharkiv, Ukraine from 2-5 July 2015. We would like to extend our gratitude to the European Youth foundation of the Council of Europe as the main sponsor for this training.

Eastern- and Southern- Ukraine has been concussed by one of the most dangerous regional conflicts since the fall of the Soviet Empire throughout the last months. While for decades people in the region lived together in peace the latest polarization between Russian and European influence on the country brought out strong sentiments concerning cultural heritage, language and ethnicity resulting in extreme prejudice, violence and secession. The Crimean peninsula decided to join the Russian Federation after a questionable referendum and similar claims are raised by the Russian speaking minorities in other regions of Ukraine. The underlying conflicts however are hardly discussed under the pressure of the international dimension of this crisis.

IFLRY want to contribute to the understanding of the roots of this range of conflicts by analyzing the impact on young-people and working with this specific target-group on methods and strategies for peaceful conflict management. This event will take the results and findings of our international events on Conflict Transformation to the regional and local level by working directly with young people on the peaceful management of domestic crisis. Priority will be given to the effects of ongoing political, cultural, social and economic conflicts that have a direct on the life of young people and their direct surroundings.

The call is open until the 17th of June 2015.

For any questions contact Programme Manager Daniel George ( You can apply for the event under the following link:

Please find all needed information in the following documents:

Invitation (.pdf)

Draft Program (.pdf)

Before applying please make sure to read and understand the conditions stated in the invitation document. This event is only open for residents of Ukraine and the occupied Ukrainian territory of Crimea. Residents of Russia and Belarus may apply for the event after consultation with the organizers. Please be aware that we can only refund travel inside Ukraine.

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