Seminar “Youth in the Heart of Decision Making” in Mriya, 7-10 July 2016

Seminar “Youth in the Heart of Decision Making” in Mriya, 7-10 July 2016

From July 7-10 IFLRY and its Belarus and Ukraine Programme will host a training with the topic “Youth in the Heart of Decision Making” in Mriya (Kyiv Region), Ukraine.

This activity will gather participants to discuss how young people can be involved in local and international decisionmaking. It will help participants build their capacities and skill-set in order to actively engage in decisionmaking processes. This aims to tackle feelings of disempowerment among young people, something too often expressed through apathy or extremism.

The topic of youth participation in decision making is fundamental to the priorities of IFLRY and its member organisations. Local and major decision-making bodies must listen to and include young people. Youth empowerment and participation in decision-making is essential to the functioning of participatory democracy, as the failure to involve young people risks their apathy and disengagement with civil society. Essentially, young people are much more likely to get involved in a democratic system if they believe that they have a chance of invoking change.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe as the main sponsor for this training.

The call is open until the 12th of June 2016.

For any questions contact Belarus and Ukraine Programme Manager Daniel George ( You can apply for the event under the following link:

Please find all needed information in the following documents:

Invitation (.pdf)

Draft Program (.pdf)

Before applying please make sure to read and understand the conditions stated in the invitation document. This event is only open to applicants with residence in Ukraine. Exceptions can only be made on prior agreement with the organizers. 


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