Successful training of IFLRY Belarus Programme in Kiev

Successful training of IFLRY Belarus Programme in Kiev

Between May 17-20 the IFLRY Belarus Programme hosted a training event on “Political Ideology and Theory” for Belarusian and Ukrainian youth activists. The event was attended by about 20 activists from different organizations and backgrounds.

The training was made possible by the support of D66 Democraten of the Netherlands and their associated foundation International Democratic Initiative (IDI). Further support was also granted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF).

Trainers included Daniel, Anne and Tanya from the Belarus Programme and Ivo and Naomi from the IFLRY Bureau. Furthermore IFLRY was proud to welcome Prof. Dirk Verhofstadt (Liberales Think Tank, Belgium), Dr. Corina Hendriks (Hans van Mierlo Foundation, Netherlands) and Johannes Knewitz (FNF, Germany) as speakers and trainers.

The training taught fundamentals of a modern democratic statehood such as the rule of law and liberal democracy and furthermore focused on the essentials of liberal ideology and the differences to other common political ideologies. Following a strong participatory approach the program also included working groups were the participants studied and discussed excerpts and essays from known liberal thinkers.

Participants praised the training and its methodology in the evaluation as highly effective and concise. Although the standard of knowledge among participants was quite high from the beginning the event provided an excellent opportunity to discuss liberal ideology in an open and professional atmosphere. The IFLRY Belarus Programme will most certainly repeat this training-concept in the future.

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