Summer School “Towards a Liberal Future – Young People Shaping Society in Belarus and Ukraine”

Summer School “Towards a Liberal Future – Young People Shaping Society in Belarus and Ukraine”

We would hereby like to invite you to apply for the upcoming IFLRY Summer School: “Towards a Liberal Future – Young People Shaping Society in Belarus and Ukraine”. The Summer School will take place in Moshyn, Kyiv Region from 13-17 August 2015.

The Summer School is a follow-up to our yearly trainings on the basics of “Political Ideology and Theory” to further improve the knowledge of political youth activists on liberal ideology and liberal values and put these ideas into practical scenarios for Belarus and Ukraine. This event will focus on subjects that can be only touched briefly during the introductory training, such as modern problems of market economy, individualism vs. the modern social state, minority rights, womans rights, the European idea and its problems etc., as well as practical issues such as the role of political programs. The general idea of the event is to provide young Belarusian and Ukrainian activists with a more detailed insight on liberal ideology and liberal values in a modern society and compare them to the situation in Belarus and Ukraine.

Of course the event is not only open to participants in our introductory trainings or political activist. If you have a strong interest in forming a liberal society in Belarus or Ukraine you are welcome to apply for this event, no matter if you are an independent individual or active in a political organization or an NGO.

To achieve this the event will focus on contextual learning and best-practice transfer but also on the active input of the Belarusian and Ukrainian participants. International trainers will introduce the to the topic by using practical examples from the European Union or their home countries and help the participants to analyze the situation in their own countries to find suitable solutions and policies towards a more liberal state.

The learning sessions will be organized in an interactive style, where short lectures and trainings will be accompanied by extended work-group sessions, brain-stormings and discussions. IFLRY is planning to follow-up on the results of the event through further activities, seminars and campaigns on the topic during the next 12 months and beyond. Of course, as it is normal for a real Summer School, the topic-related sessions will be accompanied by team-building and sport activities.

The call is open until the 31st of July 2015.

For any questions contact Programme Manager Daniel George ( You can apply for the event under the following link:

Please find all needed information in the following documents:

Invitation (.pdf)

Before applying please make sure to read and understand the conditions stated in the invitation document. This event is only open to applicants with residence in Belarus or Ukraine.

Please be advised that we choose participants on a roling base. This means your chances to be accepted are higher if you apply early.


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