Training on Political Theory and Ideology 2017

Training on Political Theory and Ideology 2017

Hereby we would like to invite you to our upcoming yearly training event “Training on Political Ideology and Theory for Youth Activists”, which will take place from 14-17 April in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Knowledge about political ideologies and theory is a mostly invisible but important factor in political day-to-day work. This knowledge and the adoption of basic principals in the form of a political program belong to the foundation of modern political- parties and youth organizations. Unfortunately knowledge of these important fundamentals is still low among young political activists in Belarus and Ukraine.

Therefore the “Training on Political Ideology and Theory for Youth Activists” by IFRLY and Democraten 66 is primarily aiming at educating young Belarusians and Ukrainians active in political youth work in the programmatical and theoretical basics of political activism. The main focus will be on liberal ideology, but the participants shall also be given concise information about other political ideologies and how they compare to Liberalism. The training will also give a detailed overview over the fundamentals of “liberal democracy” as a model of organizing state and society as this is strongly affiliated with the roots of Liberalism.

The call is open until the 20th of March 2017.

For any questions contact Programme Manager Daniel George ( You can apply for the event under the following link:

Please find all needed information in the following documents:

Invitation (.pdf)

Draft Program (.pdf)

ONLY applicants with Belarusian or Ukrainian citizenship or individuals with residency in Belarus or Ukraine will be considered for the training! Travel refund can only be provided for residents of the two countries. In case you are not a resident of Belarus or Ukraine and still want to participate in the training at your own costs please contact Daniel George ( prior to your application. If you don’t follow these rules your application will be automatically rejected.

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